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100 000 UAH of discounting for new apartment with the International Children's Day

Children are a real wonder, and the time spent with children is priceless for their parents.

We offer a wonderful opportunity to have fun together — to take part in the children's painting competition ‘My future home’, organized by a new residential complex for life ‘Novyi Avtograf’.

The drawing-winner will give parents of the author an additional 2% discount on an apartment in ‘Novyi Avtograf’. It will be aggregated with all current special offers. Your total benefit can be up to 100 000 UAH!

Conditions of participation:

  • Go to the website of the complex for life ‘Novyi Avtograf’ https://new-avtograf.com.ua/ to the page ‘Gallery’.
  • Choose any image of residential complex for life ‘Novyi Avtograf’ that you like.
  • Redraw it in an arbitrary manner (choose materials, style and size of the picture according to your own taste).
  • Publish the photo of your picture on your Facebook page or on Instagram adding the hashtag #НовийАвтограф (don`t forget to make sure that your page is viewable to the public) or send it in a private message to the page of ‘Novyi Avtograf’ or DIM group until and including 23.06.2009.

​That's all

On 24.06.2019 all works of young artists participating in the contest will be published on the Facebook page of the complex for life New Autograph.

From 24.06.2019 to 30.06.2019 there will be open vote and everyone interested will be able to take part in it by clicking the "like". The picture with the largest number of Likes will be the winner (comments are welcomed, but they will not be summed up with the number of Likes during the counting of votes).


On 01.07.2019 the name of the winner who will receive an additional 2% discount on the desired apartment in the residential complex for life ‘Novyi Avtograf’ will be determined and published.

#НовийАвтограф #DIMgroup #конкурс

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