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Avtograf building

Exceptionally beautiful houses of the complex for life 'Novyi Avtograf' are located in one of the most picturesque locations of the Dniprovskyi district in the capital of Ukraine. It is worth at least once to be here to understand that this is a place where you want to return again and again.

Technical details

  • 1 Square hectare
  • 2 Buildings
  • 777 Apartments
  • 163 Parking slots

All you need is nearby

In the district where is located complex for life 'Novyi Avtograf', the infrastructure is well developed – there are a lot of shops, shopping and entertainment centers, medical and educational institutions, cafes and restaurants, beauty salons, banks and other useful services.

  • Products
  • Nursery schools
  • Schools
  • Health
  • Postal offices
  • Autoservice
  • Relax
  • Building's facade Ventilated and mounted with porcelain stoneware
  • Window structures Metal-plastic profile Windom with and
    2-chamber energy-saving glass
  • Facade insulation Rockwool mineral wool from
    a thickness of 150 mm
  • Balcony blocks 5-chamber metal-plastic profile and 1-chamber energy-saving double-glazed window
  • Construction technology Monolithic frame
  • Heating Individual electric boilers
  • Exterior walls Сeramic brick
  • Elevators OTIS – high-speed, silent, with smooth-running technology
  • Start ІV quarter 2021

Beauty of 4 seasons in the urban oasis

What could be better than forest scents? It is necessary to open a window or just cross the road from your home and the advantages of its proximity are revealed to the fullest: in winter it invigorates with frosty freshness of pine needles and fascinates with snow lace on trees, in the autumn it beckons with coolness and rustle of yellowing foliage, in spring it touches with the aroma of flowering and chirping of birds, and in summer enchants with spiciness its different colors.

Own infrastructure

We know that your most valuable resource is time. That is why the complex for life 'Novyi Avtograf' will have all you need every day: from fresh pastries to banking services.

Own infrastructure will be located on the first floors of the complex – you will have at your disposal shop, beauty salon, pharmacy, restaurant, bakery, ambulatory, fitness studio, post and bank offices.

Unique architecture

The basis of the architectural concept of the complex for the life of 'New Autograph' we laid the desire to create an ideal living space in terms of comfort, comfort and quality. A distinctive feature of the concept is the use of a hinged ventilated facade and high-quality porcelain stoneware, and the panoramic windows will provide scenic views of the park with lakes and the forest and fill your house with sunlight.

Courtyard without cars

Designing a complex for life
'Novyi Avtograf', we took care of the most important thing – your comfort and safety.

For this, we decided to implement the concept of the courtyard on the principle of community space – for people, not cars.

Access to the courtyard is only for the residents of the complex and your guests, and access for any other cars will be limited.

Closed terretory

My house is my castle. Based on this assertion, we designed the 'New Autograph' Complex with closed territory and access control.

Security and CCTV 24/7

Comfort, safety, serenity. In order to provide you with these feelings, on the territory of the entire complex there will be security and video surveillance 24/7.

Undergroud parking with access control

For car owners in the complex for life 'Novyi Avtograf' provided underground parking with access control for 157 places for cars and 6 places for motorcycles. It is under all day security and video surveillance. Conveniently, you can go down to the parking lot directly from your floor, what will save your time and you will not get wet, when there is snowing or raining outside.

We also took care of your guests and provided for them specially allocated “pockets” for the guest parking, which will be located next to the complex and separated from the traffic lanes.

Big pantries

In the underground part of the buildings and directly on the floors, individual storerooms are projected. They are great for storing seasonal items, sports equipment, bicycles, winter clothing and shoes or car wheels. This is a great opportunity to leave only really functional and necessary things in the apartment and fill it with air and light.

Children's and sports grounds

We have made sure that the territory of the courtyard is an ideal place for your relaxation and bright leisure of your children. Fitness classes, exciting football and basketball battles, table tennis, or carefree relaxation by the outdoor fireplace area – all within your home.

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